Custom Labels

Alma Container offers custom label application and printing services. We offer a variety of printing options for your custom labels, including:
  • Flexo printing
  • Label laminating
  • And more!
Custom Labels

Custom Label Applications

At Alma Container, we offer custom label applications for your product packaging. If you have dreamed up a logo that will get you recognized, you will want it on the packaging that ships your goods. We can add your company’s custom label to your packaging services. Contact us today for more information about adding your custom labels in order to get your packages noticed!. 

Label Laminating

Label laminating is a great option for customers whose packaging or labeling has colorful and vibrant graphics. Label laminating uses highly durable materials, including vinyl, polyester, and thermal polyester, and is used in a variety of industrial applications. Give our office a call today to see how Alma Containers can assist you with your package label laminating.

Flexo Printing

Flexo printing is an excellent option for customers who would like custom labels applied in conjunction with our other packaging services, like custom package design. Flexo printing technology allows us to print your custom labels directly onto your packaging. This kind of printing can be used for a variety of packaging solutions, including cardboard boxes. 

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