Sustainability at Alma Container

Alma Container is a proud partner of the Paper and Packaging Board’s Box to Nature Program. The program centers around a graphic which puts an instructional message front and center to showcase the important reminder to recycle in three easy steps: empty, flatten and recycle.

We have joined this industry-wide recycling effort to encourage our customers to place the graphic on their boxes helping to educate consumers and get more fiber back.

Contact us to learn how to get the mark on your boxes.

Alma Container

A Fun and Interactive User Experience

#1 Scan:

View the instructional mark on the box and scan the QR code to learn more about recycling.

#2 “Thank You” Message:

An animated page from Alma Container will thank you for recycling.


Take an optional interactive quiz to learn more recycling tips!

Alma Container
Alma Container

QR Code Location

Look for the QR code inside the minor flap at the top of the box or the side of the box. The bottom of the box may also feature the QR code.

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